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arning a living working from home is a great way to be able to work around your children’s schedules or to simply leave the rat race early. Writing has always been a good way to work from home to earn money. But today, there are more ways than ever to start a business writing for pay.

The type of writing you do depends on your interests. You can:

Start a Money-Making Blog – Choose a niche and blog about it until you get a large enough audience, then start promoting advertisements and affiliate products on the blog. This method might take a while but it can be quite lucrative.

Write Online Content for Website Owners – Many website owners hire ghostwriters to write online content for them. Usually the writing is around 500 to 1500 words long about a particular niche. The pay can be low depending on your niche, but a smart writer can make a good hourly rate.

Write and Publish Books – Writing books hasn’t changed for many years but publishing has. If you write a book, you can easily self-publish online today using Kindle Direct Publishing. All that’s left is marketing your work.

Create Manuals and Other Technical Information – Technical writers are in high demand; you can be charged with writing how to information to use software, apps, and more. If you’re good at taking technical information and making it understandable to normal people, you can charge good rates.

Start a Private Label Rights Website – Private label rights or PLR means that other people can use the written information as their own if they make certain changes to it to make it their own. You can write about a particular niche, and then let many people buy the same work over and over again for a low rate. Volume sales makes up for the low price.

Become a Copywriter – This is a specific type of writing that involves understanding how to write to sell something. Copywriters write sales page information, advertisements, tag lines, mission statements and content designed to sell.

Write Press Releases – Often costing hundreds of dollars per press release, a press release writer needs to understand how to write information in a particular format that hooks the news organization and the reader in enough to learn the story behind the information.

Resume | Social Media Profile | PR – People are looking for jobs and they need help perfecting resumes, social media profiles like LinkedIn profiles, and writing PR to promote their business.

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